Old Kitchen with a New Stylish Look

Don’t you just love having the idea of renovating your old kitchen? For those who adore food-making activities, a kitchen is like the sacred part of the house where many memories are made and many “disasters” take place. Keeping the kitchen fabulous and up-to-date sometimes become one of your obsession. It seems that having the right kitchen style will set the atmosphere of the house and even it can influence your cooking mood.


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There are things that you have to consider before you go with your kitchen renovation project. Cost is among the other things and the most important that you need to consider. Renovation can be quite pricey. Therefore, it is important for you to get an idea of the type of improvement you want to have for your kitchen. Is it a budget, standard or luxury model? You might need to adjust your renovation plan with the budget that you have.

A serious commitment is needed for a complete kitchen renovation. You need to plan it thoroughly and also having a financial resource for the project. What should be your major considerations for your renovation budget are direct labour and installation costs although materials will also make the majority of the cost.

The cost of remodelling your kitchen will be greatly diverse; from budget to standard and luxurious renovations. The cost depends on the location, condition and size of your house and also the material’s quality that you want to use.

It is also important to know your intention in renovating your kitchen. Do want to have a kitchen set with higher-end appliances or just an aesthetic one? If you only wish to have an aesthetic kitchen, you might focus more on upgrading floors and cabinets, excluding high-end appliances.


Budget Kitchen Renovation

If you cannot afford luxurious renovation due your tight budget, you can still go on with your renovation project. You can check blogs or sites that give you tips on doing a budget kitchen renovation. Here are 5 secrets on doing budget kitchen renovation from homestolove.

If you want a quick cosmetic makeover, here are the ways to get fast results. What more interesting is that most of the work can be handled by a competent DIY-er.

Note: Although DIY is possible to be done for renovation, still it is strongly recommended that you do a consultation with a licensed professional like architects, kitchen renovation specialist or carpenters before starting on your renovation work.


  • Try to use the power of paint

The better way for an instant transformation of your kitchen is using the power of paint. Paint can just cover about anything from old fashion timber panelling, discoloured baths and basins as well as dated tiles. All you need is just to ensure you get a paint specialist required for the task.


  • Laying down the floor

Recent flooring designs are durable, cool, and also cheap. You can stick Gerflor vinyl flooring over the solid existing floors. It is a simple and versatile solution for your floor. If you need to renovate the wet area, this material is also suitable for bathrooms. Another method for an effective cost for flooring is laminate floorboards.


  • Remodel

Renovating kitchen can be quite expensive, or you can choose some stylish shortcuts. Let’s say if your cabinet is still looking good, you just need to change the drawer and cupboards fronts for a half of the price of putting in a new kitchen.

For giving a new look to your bench tops, you can resurface them with a clever product that can give a granite-like finish like Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformation. It can surprisingly give an authentic look.


  • Update the lights

You can choose an affordable and creative solution from some well-designed kitchen appliances and home accessories stores for your not stylish or out of date lighting.

Note: remember to engage an electrician to change the lights because DIY is illegal for any work related to electricity.


  • Address the details

Changing small things can surprisingly give an amazing change, such as light switches, power-point covers, handles and tap ware.


Beware of Asbestos!

This is important for you to check whether your old kitchen has asbestos. Houses built before the 1990 are highly likely to contain this fibrous material. Therefore, before you start your renovation project, it is important to do an inspection and testing.


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If the assessor identifies asbestos materials in your kitchen, you need to remove them and replace them with a non-asbestos material. Be sure to hire a licensed professional for the removal work because if the removal is not handled carefully, it may cause others to be exposed to the deadly fibres. You don’t want to be sued for causing others to be infected with a severe disease, do you? Don’t let the case with the 82-year-old Geelong man who sued a company for causing him exposed to poisonous material happens to you.


Asbestos Removal Cost

We know renovation itself already cost you something. Adding asbestos removal will give an extra cost to the renovation project. But making sure the safety of your family and surrounding environment if far more important.

To help you calculate the total cost of your removal project, here is estimation on the standard cost of asbestos removal and testing in Australia that we obtained from external sources.


The average cost of asbestos removal in Australia

In 2016, the average cost of asbestos removal in Australia is approximately $50/m2. The cost of asbestos removal in NSW, which reflects the average of nationwide, is around $50/m2. The lowest cost for the removal of asbestos in Australia is in Victoria and Queensland, which is around $40/m2. If you live in WA, it might cost you around $60/m2 for the removal work. The highest rate for such project is in South Australia, at around $90/m2.

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Old Kitchen with a New Stylish Look

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