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Asbestos Testing Geelong

You might raise a question upon hearing those words. Why do I have to check my ceilings? What is the urgency of doing that?

Well, your ceilings could be having the same risk as the ceilings at the store, which is contaminated by asbestos-containing material (ACM). Luckily the store was not heavily contaminated because they took immediate action by having air monitoring and complete ACM testing conducted by a qualified assessor; therefore, it didn’t pose any risk to the customers.

asbestos testing Geelong

Recently, ACMs have been found in various places, from public to commercial premises. Schools, hospital, national parks, as well as libraries, they all have been inevitably contaminated with this dangerous fibre. With a high number of information regarding the finding of this carcinogenic material in so many places, it is only natural if we intensify our awareness regarding the harmful fibre.

Why Does Asbestos Incidents Keep Appearing in a Headline?

Although on December 31, 2003, everything related to this hazardous fibre, such as mining, import, manufacture, use, reuse, store or sale, was totally banned in Australia, headlines reporting the findings or incidents related to ACMs have never ceased. Instead, it keeps on growing.

Why? The answer lies in the ACM history in Australia. Back to the 1800s, the use of ACMs for commercial and industrial property was extensive. At the early 1900s, the production of ACMs had increased extensively to more than 30,000 tonnes worldwide, annually.

Because of its durability, this dangerous fibre was used across various industries including the construction industry. It is estimated around 3,000 products of ACM manufactured worldwide.

These are the most common fibrous products found in homes, including:

  • Cement sheeting
  • Corrugated Roofing and fencing
  • Floor finishes and ceiling tiles
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fireproofing
  • Pipe lagging
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Lining under tiles and carpet
  • Textured paints and coating
  • Plasters
  • Millboard for heaters and stoves

Should I Get My Ceiling Inspected?

The only way to be sure on the presence of fibrous materials in your ceiling is to get it inspected. There are mainly three types of survey, which are:

  • Management Survey – The purpose of this survey is to locate, as far as possible, the presence and condition of any suspected ACMs in a building. Furthermore, it aims to manage fibrous materials during the normal use and occupation of premises.
  • Refurbishment Survey – a surveyor before a refurbishment or demolition project normally needs it. This survey does not need a record of ACM condition. The purpose of this survey is to make sure that no one is going to be harmed by working in an ACM contaminated place. The work must be performed by a licensed removalist.
  • Demolition Survey – it includes a thorough sampling of suspected fibrous materials in a premise, before a demolition work. It aims to ensure that nobody will be affected or harmed by work on ACMs in the premise. The survey must be conducted by a licensed contractor in the right way and in accordance with regulations.

The inspection’s purpose is to identify any material containing harmful fibres in a workplace, residential home and commercial property as well as to produce an asbestos register that is in compliance with the local and national requirements.

What is Asbestos Register?

It is a record that describes the location of fibrous materials throughout the building to precisely identify any fibrous material. The record also includes the types of fibrous materials found whether it is friable or non-friable.

The purpose of the register is to provide information to all of the occupants regarding the location of ACMs inside the building or house. The register should always be updated every time you do a renovation or demolition work and should be integrated in an asbestos management plan.

An Appropriate ACM Testing

Following the survey, the material will be taken to a lab for the testing. The best lab for sampling is a lab that is accredited by NATA, therefore, you will have the highest quality of testing and a reliable result. The most recommended testing is conducted by a qualified consultant although DIY is also possible. However, doing the sampling yourself can be risky.

Plus, you need to have some safety kits for the testing such as a disposal coverall, masks, gloves, and sealed thick bags for the taken sample. Also, you have to follow the safe procedure for DIY testing to minimise the fibres from being airborne.

For more info on sampling process.

To test the material, two types microscopes are used, a stereomicroscope and a polarized light microscope. The result will tell you if the tested samples are free from fibres or if they contain Amosite, Chrysotile, or Crocidolite

Get Connected to Trusted Contractors

If you require asbestos testing Geelong services for checking your ceilings or other parts of your house, do not hesitate to call our endorsed contractors. Clear Asbestos removal Geelong has been working with many experienced and trusted local contractors. Through a selective test, we have chosen the best B-class licensed contractors.

To ensure that they could perform the work according to the rules and regulations, we only endorse removalists who hold a B-Class license and have obtained a certification for removal and testing through a series of training.

Various services are needed in handling a contamination of fibrous products, such as emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant, or soil remediation. Each case requires different treatment.

Do you require other services? Our endorsed members are ready with their four core services, including: Asbestos removal Geelong, testing, roof Removal and management plan.

Our endorsed contractors are also available for providing a control plan before the removal and demolition project starts. The control plan will provide information related to the method employed, quantity and the type of the ACM to be removed and the equipment to be used.

Clients often worried about the disposal of the waste. You can be sure that the transport and disposal jobs will be done according to the regulations set by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, so keep your worries at bay!

If you request asbestos testing Geelong services from our member contractors, you have the privilege to ask for three free quotes that will enable you to plan your financial for the asbestos testing Geelong service.

Now all your issues are solved. Next is getting ready to request asbestos testing Geelong services to ease your biggest worry. Get that phone and dial the number. Be ready to be worry free.

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