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Recently, the Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit the town of Bown. It left people devastated since they were forced to leave their houses. Even worst, the disaster caused some people to abandon their houses permanently.

So, what will happen if a natural disaster meets asbestos? The possible worst-case scenario is asbestos contamination. This is exactly what happened to the citizens of Bowen. When the emergency agencies assessed the devastated houses, they found some were contaminated by ACMs, and the houses became dangerous for people to live.

asbestos roof removal Geelong

When a Natural Disaster Meets Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs)

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Is Having an ACM Roof Dangerous?

It depends on your roofing sheet condition. If your roof is fully intact, it will not pose any harm. However, when it is weathered, cracked or damaged or hit by natural disaster, that is when the fibre becomes a threat to people living in or near the building.

As widely known that one of the most used ACMs in the construction industry up to the 1980s was roofing material. The most popular roofing product was a corrugated fibro or fibro sheet. It was manufactured by James Hardie Ltd.

The material contained in ACM roofing makes the product more dangerous because it consists of a higher pile of fibrous materials compared to other types of fibro.

It has all three main types of friable fibrous materials, including:

  • Chrysotile
  • Amosite
  • Crocidolite

Although corrugated roofing sheet is thicker than other roofing materials, it is possible to be weathered. When it gets weathered, you need to double your awareness. It signals some changes in material’s structure. The material will start to crumble or break apart after being exposed to the sun and the wind for some periods of time. What comes next is dust particles because when it gets disintegrated, it can transform into fibre and becomes airborne. As the fibre is released into the air, people can easily inhale it and pose a serious risk for health.

Other Products of ACM in Your Home

If you think that the fibrous product is only located on your roof, double check again for your own safety. For your information, there are around 3,000 products of fibrous materials used for house material industry. The following are the most common products found in homes:

Non-Friable Type:

Mostly the products used in domestic buildings were ACM cement materials, including:

  • Fencing
  • Roofing shingles and tiles
  • Eaves
  • Interior and exterior cladding for wall
  • Partition board
  • Flue or water pipes
  • Insulation board for fireplaces
  • Guttering
  • Wall sheeting
  • Car ports and car sheds
  • Some window putty

Friable Type:

Common friable products found in homes, including:

  • Vinyl floor and floor tiles backing
  • Spray-on soundproofing or insulation
  • Pipe lagging and hot water systems
  • Old house heaters and stoves
  • Decorative ceiling coatings and textured paints
  • Underlay of carpet
  • Filler and some adhesive products
  • Sealants
  • Duct tape
  • Heat resistant fabrics
  • Roofing insulation
  • Extremely weathered AC materials

Is It Necessary to Remove Fibrous Roofs?

Not really. It depends on the condition. If the material is undamaged and in good condition, removing the item is not necessary. But, clearly, you need to consider the cost of replacement and removal. Even so, you should estimate those costs compared to the effect of having roof containing fibrous products.

  • The risk is greater when your roofs get more weathered.
  • Fibrous materials make a property hard to be sold
  • Expensive insurance for houses containing fibrous products. Some insurance companies often reject an insurance application of the houses with asbestos
  • Ultimately, you would want to remove those fibrous roofs. Doing it sooner is much better for minimising the risk

The Methods of Removing Fibrous Products

Before you do the removal and demolition of your fibrous products, you need to have an inspection and testing. For a clean and safe result of ACM inspection and testing, a professional assessor is the best option. He has the requirements needed to perform the jobs, such as having a license, certification and followed some trainings. Thus, he will follow the procedures that compliance with the rules and regulations.

Following the inspection, the samples from the suspected material will be tested in a lab. For a qualified result, the testing is suggested to be conducted in a lab accredited by NATA.

As the result of inspection and testing works, you will be given a report commonly known as an ACM register. The register contains information about the location and type of materials containing this dangerous fibre.

A control plan is required if you plan to remove or renovate your house. The record includes ACM types to be removed, the quantity and the method used.

Can I Remove the Roof?

Yes, you can. However, a DIY attempt for removing this dangerous fibre is NOT strongly recommended. The cement roofs can easily be broken when you step on it since it does not hold weight. Additionally, the size of the product is too bulky to be lifted by yourself. Remember, you are not allowed to drop the roof. You have to lower it down slowly to the ground to avoid any severe damage that can generate fibre.

Prior to removing suspected materials, you are suggested to have some knowledge concerning the handling of any fibrous materials through courses. By having the information on dealing with ACM, you can prevent an unwanted accident.

Having Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also important. To ensure your safety during the work, you must wear safety kits, such as a disposal coverall, mask, eyewear, gloves and footwear. For keeping the waste and suspected items, you will need thick plastic bags and duct tape.

The disposal and the transport of contaminated products and waste have to be handled carefully and followed the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Geelong asbestos roof removal

The Best Choice for Roof Removal

Hiring licensed professionals is highly recommended for removing contaminated materials. They have the expertise for doing the job. Handling roof removal is quite complicated. A well-trained removalist knows exactly how to treat the dangerous fibre to avoid any airborne.

Selecting a trusted removalist is important because you are working with a life-threatening object. Before hiring a professional worker, you need to check whether or he has an accredited Class B license. You should also check the profile of the company.

By requesting asbestos roof removal Geelong services through Clear Asbestos Removal Geelong, you have taken the right choice for removing your roofing issues.

The local contractors we work with, are the best in the field. They have the experiences of working on asbestos roof removal Geelong services in commercial and domestic buildings. All of our members have been selectively chosen through a strict test. We required our local contractors to have an accredited license and certification for doing the work.

You might have heard some services like emergency repair, soil remediation, air monitoring, consultant or demotion. All those services commonly requested for managing problems with asbestos. If you only need to solve your roofing problem, you can use asbestos roof removal Geelong services from our endorsed members.

There are four services you can ask from our member contractors, such as Asbestos removal, management plan, roof removal and testing.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the asbestos roof removal Geelong services provided by our endorsed contractors. The prices for all services are competitive. It is equal to the best result you will get. For your financial convenience, you are entitled to ask for three free quotes from our contractors.

Contact our endorsed contractors now and get ready to live safely without your ACM roofing.

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