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Free yourself from the threat of asbestos! Headlines about asbestos-containing material (ACM) findings keep on emerging. Latest news from The Advertiser informed that according to the register of state government buildings reveals that there are 55 schools, 14 hospitals, and 17 other sites, including national parks, government offices, and libraries contaminated by this harmful fibre.

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ACM contaminations have caused citizens become restless and worried. Those whose houses were built before the 1980s are likely to contain dangerous fibres. The dangerous fibres are the deadly legacy left by the past.

Australia has a long history with ACMs. Since the late 1800s, friable ACM products have been widely used in industrial and commercial premises. They were used for insulation, soundproofing, and fireproofing. Other friable products were also used in residential buildings, and the possibility of the products being found in houses built prior to 1990 is high.

Asbestos cement (AC) products were first produced in Australian in the 1920s, and the common use of the material in the residential building started from the mid-1940s until the end of 1980s. The use of AC materials were then stopped during the 1980s and replaced by the more favoured ACM-free products. The full ban was established on December 31, 2003. Following that date, the production, use, reuse, transport, import, sale or storage any kind of ACM forms is strongly prohibited.

However, numerous homes built or renovated before 1990 surely has AC materials, such as in their roofing, (particularly in eaves), ceilings (especially in wet places like laundries and bathrooms), fences, and external and internal wall cladding.

ACM is Everywhere

If you ask where could I possibly find materials containing this hazardous fibre? Well, the answer is everywhere, in almost every part of your house. That is why you need to raise your awareness.

Below are the possible spots in your house where you can detect the present of this hazardous fibre, including:

  • Roof attic: loose fill insulation (not familiar)
  • Living areas: AC sheeting in walls, ceilings and under wood-heater hearths, insulation in  wood heaters
  • Kitchen: vinyl floor tiles, vinyl sheet flooring backing, ceramic tiles underlay sheet, splashbacks, walls, ceilings
  • Bathroom, toilet and laundry: wall tiles backing, AC sheet walls, floors and ceilings
  • Exterior: roof gutter, corrugated and patterned, flat wall and roof sheet, fake brick cladding and lining under eaves
  • Backyards: garage, carport, doghouse, fences, garden
  • Others: adhesive, several plaster sealants and filters products, old covers or ironing board, electrical meter boards backing, fireproof mats, insulation of hot-water pipe set into a brick wall, and brake and clutch linings

As previously mentioned, the time when your home was constructed or renovated indicates the presence of dangerous fibre contamination. It is a well-known fact that if your residence was built:

  • Prior to the mid-1980s, your house is highly possible to contain ACM products
  • During the mid-19800s and 1990, it could contain the products of ACM
  • Following 1990, it has less possibility of being contaminated by the materials containing a dangerous fibre

Your house may contain two types of ACMs, which are friable and non-friable.

  • Non-friable products were mostly bonded AC materials such as: roofing, siding, cladding, fencing, eaves or pipes.
  • Friable products commonly found in housing were: floor tiles, and vinyl tiles backing material, spray on soundproofing or insulation, gasket, fabrics of heat-resistant, plaster and brick sealant, adhesive products, and fillers, or decorative coatings and textured paints

Both types have some strong tendencies for causing health risks. Although the friable type is more dangerous, the non-friable can also be as dangerous as the friable type when it transforms into friable. For instance when an AC material is severely damaged or weathered, it can become airborne.

To ensure whether or not your house contains ACMs, you should conduct asbestos testing.

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What is an ACM testing?

It is a test that allows you to confirm whether an ACM exists in a suspected product, such as corrugated fibre or fibre cement materials and vinyl tiles. The testing is performed in accredited labs.

Prior to the test, a professional assessor may conduct an inspection or survey. The survey includes identification and assessment of ACM in a building.

The purpose of having a survey is to:

  • Conduct a visual inspection of reachable areas
  • Identify the suspected location
  • Report types of material along with its approachability
  • Evaluate the recent status and its probable damage
  • Provide recommendation for controlling and Minimising the risk

Fibrous Products Removal for Homeowner

Following the survey, you will be given a record called a register. The register includes risk assessments and management plan to avoid disturbance to fibrous materials.

Some people prefer DIY to remove the suspected material when they consider that the material is less dangerous or the size is small. However, you have to know that ACM is a life-threatening material. Removing fibrous materials is best done by a licensed removalist.

If you plan to remove the fibrous materials by yourself, please check and read the information below thoroughly before start working:

  1. Safety requirement – the process of ACM removal must follow the safety requirements such as the use of protective kits, facilities of decontamination, procedures of waste disposal and control plan preparation
  2. Planning – taking appropriate precautions for handling asbestos to prevent harming the health of you and your family. You must also think about the people around you. Make sure the work can minimise the generation of any airborne fibre.
  3. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – you must wear PPE while working. Among the standard protective equipment required are masks, gloves, a coverall, and sealed bags. When the work is over you must dispose of all the disposable equipment used. DO NOT recycle, or reuse or even wash the equipment. Put all the equipment in the double sealed bags and DO NOT dispose of them in a regular garbage bin.
  4. Packaging – keep all the materials wet until they are all packed in the plastic bag. Seal the bag using adhesive tape. Remember to label the bag as ‘Caution: Asbestos’.
  5. Transport – the disposal of ACMs must prevent the release of airborne fibres from the fibrous products. Everything has to be done safely
  6. Disposal – the disposal of any material containing the dangerous fibre must be done in a site licensed by the EPA Victoria.

Asbestos Removal Geelong Services

Asbestos needs to be handled carefully by professionals who have followed some training and obtained a certification that can ensure the removal procedure will be done according to applicable rules and regulations. If you want a clean and safe removal, Clear Asbestos Removal Geelong is available to help you get connected to trusted contractors.

We have been working with trusted local contractors that have some expertise in handling testing and removal jobs. They hold an accredited B-Class license that will make sure everything will be done properly.

Our endorsed members are available with four main services, including: Asbestos removal Geelong, testing, roof removal, management plan.

There are other various services related to fibrous materials, such as emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant, or soil remediation. Different case with the fibrous material requires special treatment.

So, if you need asbestos removal Geelong services immediately, call our members now. They are ready to help you with quality asbestos removal services.

If you are still in doubt concerning the prices for the service, we guarantee that the prices charged by our trusted contractors will be equal to the quality of the services provided. You will not have the time to complain because you will get an excellent result plus you will be given a chance to ask for three free quotes from our contractors. The quotes can help you with the financial planning.

Call now and let the professional do the removal work.

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