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Asbestos Management Plan Geelong

Does your house contains asbestos? It is important to know whether your house contains asbestos-containing material (ACM) because the risk it poses is greater than you ever think. Many have reported of being affected by this hazardous fibre. Some infected by some serious diseases related to this fibrous material. Others endured mental depressions.

asbestos management plan Geelong

Those whose houses are being hit by natural disasters lost their residence permanently because of the ACM contamination found in some parts of their houses. That is why your awareness is important otherwise you would jeopardize not only you and your family but also your surrounding environment.

How to Check Fibrous Products in My House?

The easiest way to know whether your house contains some materials containing this harmful fibre is by checking the time of its building and renovation. The time your house was constructed can reveal the mystery concerning this dangerous fibre.

The general knowledge related to the detection of the existence of fibrous materials in a house is if it was built:

  • after the 1990 – the possibility of having ACM is low.
  • In between the mid-1980-1990 – has the possibility of containing fibrous products
  • Before the 1980s – the possibility of the existence of ACM is high

What caused those old domestic buildings to have this harmful fibre? It was due to the extensive use of ACMs for housing materials since 1800. The first manufacturing of asbestos cement (AC) material in Australia for residential buildings had begun since the mid-1940s and lasted until the late 180s. Approximately, 3,000 products manufactured and used widely for domestic buildings. The ban of the products was established on December 31, 2003. Therefore, houses built before the 1980s contain ACMs.

Common Fibrous Products Found at Home

There are two types of ACM, friable and non-friable. What is the difference between those two types?

  • Friable: ACM that can easily be broken or damaged by hand pressure and produce fibrous dust. It can release a great amount of fibre into the air when it is damaged or disturbed and commonly create a serious health risk. Products of Friable types, including:
    • Attic batt insulation
    • Wall insulation board
    • Floor underlay
    • Pipe lagging
    • Adhesive for carpet, ceiling, and flooring tiles
    • Decorative coating and textured paints
    • Spray on insulation or soundproofing
    • Plaster sealants
  • Non-friable: contains one percent of ACM fibre embedded in a solid cement matrix. The common name for this material is fibro or AC sheeting. The example of these products, including:
    • Cement roofing tiles and shingles
    • Cement sheet, siding, pipes,
    • Vinyl wall coverings
    • Wall cladding for exterior and interior
    • Fencing
    • Eaves
    • Flue pipe and water pipe
    • Thermal boards in fireplaces
    • Sheet flooring, vinyl floor tiles

External resource: www.asbestos.vic.gov.au

How to Identify Materials with Hazardous Fibre?

You can request an inspection and testing. The ACM fibre is not visible to the naked eye. It needs to be tested under the microscope in a lab. That is the reason why you should get asbestos survey and testing services. The best lab for the sampling and a reliable result is a NATA accredited lab.

The inspection can help you getting information regarding the location and the type of fibrous materials found on your property. To do the jobs, you are suggested to hire a professional assessor who holds a license. It is to make sure that all the procedures for the survey and testing will be done following the regulations, both local and national.

If you plan DIY for the identification, you should follow the guidance. In order to get a safe and clean result for the identification and testing, you have to use protective kits during the work to minimise the risk of being exposed to the fibre.

Safety equipment you must have, including:

  • Mask
  • Eyewear
  • Coverall
  • Gloves
  • Footwear
  • Thick plastic bags
  • Duct tape

Also, you should take care the disposal of the waste according to the requirements from the EPA. The result is a report that is normally called asbestos register. The register will record details findings in your property.

It includes:

  • Location
  • Type
  • Category (friable or non-friable)
  • Accessibility
  • Recommendation for controlling the fibrous materials

How to Manage the Fibrous Products on My Property?

If your property is detected with fibrous materials, having an asbestos management plan (AMP) is the best solution.

Don’t Forget to Review Your Register! It is recommended to always update your register at least every five years. But, sometimes it requires to be reviewed often depends on the condition of ACM.

AMP is required to create a procedure for handling materials suspected with dangerous fibre. It should give some details about responsibilities and roles of a property owner of landlord to eliminate or reduce ACM risks. By having the plan, you will be assisted in developing and carrying out control measured given by the assessor. Make sure that the members of your family, particularly children, are familiarised about the safety guidelines during the renovation.

A complete AMP must contain the following:

  • An ACM register
  • Procedures for providing relevant individuals with the register
  • Decision about managing the material containing a harmful fibre
  • Include steps for a thorough removal
  • Set the schedule for action that includes priorities and dates for reviewing the assessment of risk
  • Organisation for dealing with incidents, accidents and emergencies
  • Mechanism of updating and reviewing the AMP, including the schedule
  • Arrangement for monitoring
  • Distribution of responsibilities
  • Safety methods for managing fibrous materials
  • Identification of the location for placing the warnings and label signs

To Whom Should I Request the Asbestos Management Plan?

If you need a management plan for the fibrous products found in your home, contact trusted contractors through Clear Asbestos Removal Geelong and request for asbestos management plan Geelong services. Our approved contractors hold a certification and have followed some training for handling testing and removal projects.

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If you get connected to our approved members that have obtained an accredited B-license, all the work related to fibrous materials will be conducted compliance with local and national regulations.

Other removalists offer you various services like air monitoring, emergency repair, consultant, demolition and soil remediation. But, if you require a service for an asbestos management plan, you can request the service to our local contractors.

Our partners have four main services, including: Asbestos removal Geelong, testing, roof removal, management plan.

The local contractors we work with can also provide you with control plan prior to the removal and demolition work. The control plan will give you information about the method used, quantity and the type of ACM will be removed and safety equipment needed.

Do contact our endorsed contractor if you need to manage products containing a dangerous fibre at your house.

We guarantee that every procedure will be safely performed, and you can expect a clean and excellent result. To ease your worry about the prices, you can ask three free quotes from different contractors. The quotes will assist you in arranging your financial scheme for the project and you can be worry-free from hidden cost.

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