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Your bathroom may not be safe!

If your house is an old house and was possibly built before 1990, it may hide something that can risk the health of you and your family. The fact that houses built before 1990 may have an asbestos containing material (ACM) is something inevitable.

A Queensland woman’s losing battle for asbestos compensation. The news shared a heartbreaking story about Christine May who lost her husband due to ACM-caused cancer. For more information about houses contaminated with dangerous fibres, you can check the link here.

This fact should increase your awareness over harmful fibrous materials at your home. Begin early detection. First, you may want to check your bathroom. It is one of the areas in your home that is avoidably contaminated with that toxic fibre.

Bathroom is one of the main spaces in your house where you can find ACMs. The unsafe fibrous material was used in fibro cement sheeting and we know that walls, ceiling, and floors use fibro cement sheeting. Lagging products you found on hot water pipes also use dangerous fibre. It was rather common to be used around hot water pipes, in particular for an industrial and commercial application. However, it sometimes appears in residential situation.

Clear asbestos removal Geelong

Do ACM Detection

It is quite easy to identify the harmful fibrous products in the lavatory of older houses. If you happened to know ‘Tilux’, that notorious ACM product used in the toilet, then you have identified one of them. Tilux, a moulded material used in the area of ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathroom and laundries, is a hazardous fibrous cement sheet for a wet area. These sheets were fixed to walls and generally used in shower recesses. If you notice a stainless steel strip located between sheets, it is also another Tilux products.

Other brands for ACM products sold by the same manufacturer were ‘Villaboard’ and ‘Versilux’. The Department of Health and Ageing of the Australian Government in 2005 released names of products and the year they stopped being manufactured:

  • Villaboard 1981
  • Hardiplank 1981
  • Versilux 1982
  • Compressed 1984
  • Drain Pipe 1984
  • Harditherm 1984
  • Highline 1985
  • Super Six 1985
  • Coverline 1985
  • Shadowline 1985
  • Roofing Accessories 1985
  • Tilux 1987
  • Pressure Pipe 1987

Whilst most of the previously mentioned are quite easy to be identified, other products that rather difficult to be recognised are still possibly hiding in your washroom cement, a backing of the floor and wall tiles and also on hot water pipes.

Are they dangerous?

The good news is that if ACMs are undamaged, that threatening fibrous materials will not produce any risk for health. Nevertheless, the fibres can develop into friable due to deterioration, cutting, drilling, grinding, or breaking that happen in the process of demolition. If such case happens, you are at risk of being exposed to the dangerous fibres.

If you want to be sure that you and your family are safe from the exposure of toxic fibrous products, it will be best for you to ask an assessor who holds a license to perform a testing.

How to remove the deadly fibres?

Removing an ACM requires expertise and special kits since it is needed to be handled carefully, or else it can danger the health of the people in the surrounded area. The worker handling the asbestos removal and testing must wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, goggles, overall suit, shoe covering, respirator, thick plastic bags, and other tools. It applies to every activity involving asbestos removal and testing, such as fencing or roofing removal.

If you plan to renovate your bathroom yourself, you are allowed to do DIY but the materials have to be non-friable, the area must be no more than 10m2 and the work should not be more than 1 hour in any 1-week. However, DIY is actually not recommended. The risk is too big especially if you do not have any knowledge and experience of working with dangerous materials. Hiring a removalist who has followed some training and certification is definitely the wisest thing to do.

Do you plan to hire a removalist?

Many licensed removalists offer great results at reasonable prices. But, you do not want just any removalist, we presume. That is why we would like to introduce you to our approved contractors; they have years of experience and can provide you with quality services at a competitive cost. They hold a B-class license.

Clear Asbestos Removal Geelong gets you in touch with trusted contractors for asbestos removal and testing, roof removal, and management plan.

Do you need sampling and testing? They can provide you with such service. Our endorsed removalist can also help you to develop a sound management plan for your premise and further provide you with an ACM register. The report is to guide you in determining your priority in doing the renovation. You can expect an excellent clean removal result because they perform asbestos removal and testing jobs based on the regulations. Do not worry about the disposal. The disposal will be transported to a permitted landfill.

There are various treatments for each removal project, such as:

  • Emergency repair
  • Air monitoring
  • Demolition
  • Consultant
  • Soil remediation

As for our endorsed removalists, they focus their services on:

  • Asbestos removal Geelong
  • Asbestos testing Geelong
  • Asbestos roof removal Geelong
  • Asbestos management plan Geelong

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